Cathedral restoration

The Dioceses of Coria-Cáceres and the Cathedral Chapter have published the relevant construction data for the second phase (Phase II) of the Cathedral’s restoration. The tender is open to bids form all those companies with the correct qualifications to perform this type of heritage work. The window of time in which offers can be made will remain open until 11th March in the Bishopric of Cáceres, in Plaza de Santa María.

The tender offers a base budget of 1,470,500 Euros (including VAT) and specifically the operations will focus primarily on the general restoration of the south façade of the Cathedral’s walls. The ledges and balustrades must also be replaced and defects noted on vaults, arches and inner walls must be corrected.

Last December the town hall’s local governing body awarded a license for Phase II, for which central government had already approved a 1.5 million Euro investment. In this way, the present bidding is a continuation of work which started a while back with a first phase which restored the monument’s reinforcements. At that time, the hillside was stabilised, the eastern wall was reinforced and part of the cavity wall meant to solve humidity issues was placed around the place of worship. These works started in June 2016 and for a little more than a year forced the Cathedral to close off access to the prayer area. The investment at that time was equally significant, being around 1.5 million.

Coria town council has emphasised that, in a period of just over two years, 3 million Euros will have been invested in the Cathedral. In terms of the Phase II budget, 70% will come from central government while the Bishopric, town hall and local governing body will be responsible for the remaining 30%. Finally, the town council will offer all necessary support for the restoration work.

News taken from “El Periódico de Extremadura” regional newspaper:

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