Diocesan Commission of the Holy Tablecloth of Coria

The Coria-Cáceres Dioceses has advocated the creation of a Diocesan Commission of the Holy Tablecloth of Coria, which has recently been formed during a work meeting which took place in the Casa de la Iglesia (“House of the Church”), a space which will serve as the headquarters for the commission’s meetings. In addition, the organisation’s members have been named; there are 23 in total. Amongst them is the Dioceses’ Bishop, Francisco Cerro, who will serve as President; the Cathedral Dean, Julián Carlos Pérez, who will be the Secretary; and the Cathedral Museum’s Director, Óscar García Ballestero, who will serve as Treasurer.

This Commission has set itself several aims including exhibiting the Holy Eucharist in public prayer and promoting and raising awareness about the Holy Tablecloth, a unique piece of history which remains on public exhibition inside a casket in the Cathedral Museum. It has for years also been the subject of rigorous analysis performed by experts specialising in history who have come to visit it from across the world.

To meet these aims, the Commission has planned a range of activities to be undertaken during the coming months. These include plans to celebrate an act of public worship as well as a procession, talks, short courses, retreats, activities, full day sessions, days aimed at encouraging coexistence and harmony, pilgrimages and other events of an apostolic and charitable nature.

The new entity is in keeping with an initiative which the Bishop has been promoting for a little over a year and which made the creation of the Asociación de Amigos del Sagrado Mantel de Coria (“Association of Friends of the Sacred Tablecloth of Coria”) possible.

This collective, which is open to all those who wish to join, was created with the aim of being “the seed of what, in the near future, could become a cofradía or brotherhood dedicated to promoting the Eucharist and spreading knowledge about the Tablecloth”. They emphasise that the relic is “possibly the most important of all those to be found in the cathedral”. Therefore another of their aims is to “re-establish the importance of everything that has to do with this sacred fabric” which, according to tradition as it has been documented for centuries, “was on the table where Jesus Christ introduced the Eucharist”

News taken from “El Periódico de Extremadura”


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